This CD contains 135 high quality and high resolution pictures (6 mega pixels) and two video clips. It shows How i get a arpopriate present and the first part of a walk in the city of Rotterdam wearing the Aigle Boots with one of my friends when he visits me.
The CD is available in two versions:

  • The first version is provided with a printed AiglePrincess logo on the CD and a hand written signature by the AiglePrincess herself.
  • The second version is a plain blank CD without any special sign or mark to assure your discrecy.

The Price of the CD is Euro 29,50 each including package and shipment

Choose below to order the version of your choise

CD with AiglePrincess logo and signature

Blank CD containing the same images as above but no imprinting

I heard that not everyone can use paypall, so I am thinking on solutions for this problem. For now, I am willing to offer the opportunity to order the CD bij E-mail and pay directly to a bank account. You will still have to make the payment in advance offcourse. If you want to order by mail please tell clearly (copy the information on the item) what you want to have in the mail. In this way I will be sure what you would like to order. In the reply on your mail you will get the required information for the money transfer.